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Business Incentives

We want YOU!

Property with the boundaries of Moline Centre qualify for a number of incentives. Below is a brief explanation of each. If you would like more detailed information, please visit the City of Moline's Business Incentives page.

Enterprise Zones

The City of Moline is a participant in the Illinois Quad City Enterprise Zone. Moline works in cooperation with East Moline, Milan, Silvis, and Rock Island County to expand the enterprise zone to assist projects using tax incentives. The intent of the program is to create and retain jobs, remove conditions that make it difficult for a project to move forward, and to improve opportunities for revitalization of neighborhood residential and commercial districts.

For a more detailed explanation or for questions about enterprise zones, please contact the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO).

Tax Benefit Examples
The following are examples from the state website of enterprise zone tax benefits:

  • Sales tax deduction - Building materials would be exempt from Illinois sales tax.
  • Jobs tax credit - A $500 tax credit per eligible employee hired to work in a zone would be given.
  • Investment tax credit - A 0.5% credit for investments in qualified property would be given.
  • Manufacturing machinery and equipment sales tax exemption - This exemption would require the creation of 200 full-time equivalent jobs or the retention of 2,000 full-time jobs in Illinois.
  • Utility tax exemption - A 5% tax exemption on gas and electricity for businesses that create 200 full-time jobs or retain 1,000 full-time jobs would be given.
  • Corporate contribution deduction - Corporations would make contributions to designated zone organizations for projects approved by DCEO and claim a deduction that would be double the value of the contribution.


Here are some links to additional resources that extend to Enterprise Zone development:

Façade Improvement

Building owners and tenants within the City of Moline can find assistance in the form of grants to fund façade improvements. Qualifying projects restore the building’s character and are compatible with planned or existing streetscapes. Approved projects include new signage, paint, lighting and awnings. Special consideration applies when the planned improvements remove overlay materials that mask superior design or workmanship or hide historic architectural detail

To view past projects, tour the Facade Improvement Program Photo Gallery.

For an application, please print the Small Business and Facade Rehabilitation Incentives packet.


Loan Programs

Qualifying projects may qualify for special redevelopment loans. The City of Moline offers special, Micro-Enterprise loans to assist start-ups and expanding small businesses. The City also maintains a Revolving Loan Fund to supplement financing in situations that cannot proceed without additional funding. Examples of approved projects include construction of buildings, reuse and modernization of facilities and the purchase of either equipment or inventory.

To find out if you are eligible to receive a small business loan, fill out the Loan Pre-Approval Qualification Checklist.

If you have already been qualified or for more information, the Small Business and Facade Rehabilitation Incentives packet is available.